Friday 23 August 2019

Garda awarded €90,000 after racecourse assault

A RAMSGRANGE native was awarded almost €90,000 damages in the High Court last week after two race-goers viciously head butted, punched and kicked her while on Garda duty at the Curragh Racecourse.

Sgt Alma Molloy, formerly of Ramsgrange, and now stationed in Kilkenny city, had been called to assist colleagues in restraining a man and a woman who were being hostile and aggressive and who appeared to be intoxicated.

Sgt Molloy ( pictured), who had been promoted since the assault in 2002, had attempted to help another Garda handcuff the woman.

The woman had head butted Sgt Molloy and tried to bite her and stick her nails into her hands and arms and the court heard that the woman had dug the heel of her boot into Sgt Molloy's back after breaking free from a struggle on the ground.

Both she and her male friend had repeatedly punched Sgt Molloy on the ground. The heel kick had caused a compression injury to one of her vertebrae.

The 36-year-old mother-of-two still experiences chronic discomfort in her neck and low back and has given up running and has not gone back playing football, the court was told.

Judge Irvine awarded Sgt. Molloy €55,000 damages for pain to date and a further €27,000 for future suffering, along with €7,000 for medical and other expenses on top of her legal costs in a High Court Garda Compensation.

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