Saturday 25 January 2020

Garda probe as stolen posters appear on poles

Cllr Lisa McDonald and her father Eddie removing a poster from a pole on the Rosslare Road at Drinagh
Cllr Lisa McDonald and her father Eddie removing a poster from a pole on the Rosslare Road at Drinagh

Maria Pepper

Wexford gardai are investigating the theft of Fianna Fail woman Lisa McDonald's election posters which have been maliciously re-appearing on poles around the area, in breach of the law, putting the councillor at risk of being fined or prosecuted.

All Cllr. McDonald's local election posters were taken down by her campaign team, with her father Eddie and uncle Stanley adopting what she described as a 'very thorough and methodical' approach to the task, scouring the Rosslare electoral district to ensure that none remained on poles.

However, the night before the election, they discovered that a number of posters in the Killinick/Tagoat area had gone missing and after the deadline for postering elapsed, they have been mysteriously cropping up on poles in prominent locations around the district, including Drinagh, the Redshire Road, Killinick, Tagoat and Rosslare Harbour

Candidates had until midnight on May 30 to remove all posters or face a fine of €150 per poster with a risk of prosecution for unpaid fines.

'I did a reduced poster campaign with 200 posters and about 20 or 30 of them went missing around the Killinick/ Tagoat area the night before the election', said Cllr. McDonald.

'We had all the posters down by the Wednesday after the election. 'My father and my uncle scoured the area and did a very methodical job. They were very conscientious about it'.

'Then all of a sudden, my posters started appearing again. Some of them were actually drilled into poles. One was drilled into an ESB pole in Killinick, which is not allowed. We had to get a drill to remove it. We reported it to the gardai because they are clearly trying to get me into trouble and to get me fined, said Cllr. McDonald, describing it as a case of 'dirty tricks'.

'The posters have just been magically re-appearing from the 6th or 7th of June. I ran such a clean campaign. This is someone with too much time on their hands. It's not causing me any undue stress personally but it's upsetting the people in my campaign who did such a methodical job in removing the posters. They did a really good trawl of the area to make sure every single poster was taken down. If anyone is concerned about the mental health of other people, they should consider that', said Cllr. McDonald who has called on those responsible to desist.'The people who voluntarily went around in good faith helping with my campaign, are upset by this. We estimate that about 20 posters are still unaccounted for', she said.

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