Sunday 20 October 2019

Gardaí to speak with farmers over protest


GARDAI in Wexford have taken statements from two Department of Agriculture employees who it's alleged were assaulted during a protest by farmers at Johnstown Castle last week.

The incident occurred when farmers, protesting against the department's failure to process payments under farm assistance schemes, tried to force their way into the building.

Two men working for the department in a security capacity tried to prevent them gaining entry. One of them received a leg injury in the process, when he was knocked to the ground, while it's alleged the other man was punched.

A spokesman for the Gardai in Wexford confirmed that they have now taken statements from the two men and their investigation into the incident, which also saw a farmer injured, is ongoing.

The spokesman said that they will now need to speak to a number of farmers who were at the protest, though as they came from various parts of the country these interviews will most likely be carried out by local Gardai in the relevant areas.

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