Friday 23 August 2019

Gardai investigating cases of elderly abuse

Chief Superintendent John Roche.
Chief Superintendent John Roche.

By Maria Pepper

Wexford gardai are investigating a number of cases in which vulnerable older people are being intimidated and robbed of their money by relatives, members of the Council's Joint Policing Committee were told.

After the issue of elder abuse was raised by Cllr. Robbie Ireton, Chief Superintendent John Roche confirmed that gardai are currently dealing with cases in which elderly people are living in fear of family members and being taken to bank ATM's or credit unions to withdraw money from accounts.

'We are investigating cases where people have been brought to the bank to withdraw money. There are also cases where cash is withdrawn without authorisation. We are investigating a number of these. It's very sad. If it is reported to us we will investigate. Some of these people are not in nursing homes, they're at home and they are being taken to the bank or credit union by family members to withdraw money,' said the Chief Superintendent.

'It's happening and it's not talked about. It seems to be a silent but deadly issue.'.

Cllr. Ireton said elderly people are being abused by their own children or by their neighbours. They are being forced to hand over money to their children to avoid inheritance tax.

'How rampant is this in the county. If we find out about it who do we report it to. Can can we do,' he asked.

'Elderly people may feel that they are doing the best for their family but they are being ripped off,' said Cllr. Ireton.

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