Monday 19 August 2019

Gardeners doubling up on the double-headed tulips

THERE must be something in the soil in Wexford, where another two-head tulip has been spotted in full bloom.

Billy Brennan from Rathangan was shocked to discover recently that his garden now contains a two-headed tulip and we put out the call last week to see if anyone else had seen anything like it in their own garden.

Jonathan Looby from Mountainmuck, Killurin, has submitted a photo of his own two-headed tulip which he found over the Bank Holiday Weekend.

'I'd never seen one before,' said Johnathan. 'I wouldn't say I'm big into gardening or anything though and I'm certainly not doing anything special with the tulips or bulbs.'

While the two-headed tulip in Jonathan's garden appear to be from two stems fused, Billy said his variety are from a single stem.

He spoke to experts in the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin last week, who confirmed that it is a very rare phenomenon and told him that it may have been as a result of a genetic anomaly.

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