Sunday 17 December 2017

'Gay B&B' website gone

THE WEBSITE advertising the services of 'Nanush Gay Bed and Breakfast' near Gorey was taken down last Tuesday following the publication of a story in this newspaper about public criticism of the open-door policy in the bedrooms, and the hourly rates offered during the day.

Attempts were also made to contact the mobile phone number, which had been advertised on the website, but the phone was turned off.

Last week it was revealed that the new B&B was offering 'a room for the night' or ' by the hour' 'so you can hook up with that special guy for fun without the hassle of being caught'.

The owner, who gave his name as Thomas, said last week that they were not doing anything illegal, but he feared publicity would drive the service underground. He had said '90 per cent' of his clients were married men.

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