Sunday 18 August 2019

Gay Mitchell set to gain from McGuinness Presidential bid

Gavin Duffy

THE BIG winner from Martin McGuinness's entry into the race for the Aras is Gay Mitchell. The Fine Gael candidate has been trailing Labour's Michael D Higgins in all the opinion polls. But the prospect of Martin being President for the 2016 centenary celebrations of the Easter Rising will re-energise Mitchell's campaign and get the whole party out working for him and stop the Sinn Fein man winning.

Fianna Fail is split over their decision not to run a candidate. I believe this is a serious error of judgement by leader Michael Martin. The only reason Fianna Fail are not running a candidate is they know they will lose but once you lose the will to contest elections you lose the right to call yourself a political force.

David Norris's Late Late Show announcement that he is re-entering the race adds even more spice to the election although I still don't see him winning a nomination. How come Independent candidates Mary Davis and Sean Gallagher have secured the support of four local authority councils each, enough to secure a nomination, but David Norris has failed so spectacularly on this front? The Presidential election roller coaster is about to really take off. IRELAND AND VEGAS - A LOT IN COMMON

I know I write about politics, business and the economy but I simply have to mention last Saturday morning's heroics by the Irish team in the Rugby World Cup. Well it was late Friday night, Saturday morning when I saw it live on a TV in Mc Mullens Irish Pub in Las Vegas.

This was my first time in Vegas. I was honoured to be asked to talk to the local business community about coping with a recession. You'll be surprised to hear that the Las Vegas, Nevada economy has had a very similar economic crash to what we have experienced in Ireland. Property prices in some cases have crashed by 75% and its unemployment rate is twice that of the rate across the wider US economy.

And why was Las Vegas, with its 2 million inhabitants, the worst hit city in all of America? Same as here, the banks fuelled a construction boom. The big difference between here and Nevada is all the money that was made in the boom is now being reinvested by local people in local businesses. Banks are not lending there either but people who made money in the boom are re-investing and acting as bankers to new businesses.

Imagine if a large slice of the €110 billion that is in savings accounts in Ireland was invested in local companies how many jobs would be created. If only we could only capture that fighting spirit that Paul O'Connell and Ireland showed on Saturday I know we could win back out country from the IMF & ECB. Well done to the boys in green and let me not forget the boys in blue, Dublin, on Sunday winning the All Ireland.


As we approach the darker evenings and September slips by I am urging people to consider taking some further education or career development. In these times few jobs are secure so you need to think the unthinkable. If I lost my job how easy would it be to find another one? Sobering thought I know. But why do people wait to lose their job before they consider improving their employment prospects.

Look up the night courses in your area and pick one that you will. (a) enjoy and (b) will benefit your career prospects.

There is so much emphasis these days on technology that we overlook the all important interpersonal communication skills. Because I believe these are so important I am giving a course at Independent Colleges, in Dawson Street in Dublin each Tuesday for ten weeks starting on October 10th.

Independent Colleges has rather immodestly called my course the Gavin Duffy Communications Master Class. The course will cover how to sell yourself at job review meeting or at a jo0b interview. There is also a module on how to get your way at meetings, another on how to make great presentations and a module on business writing skills.

If you want further information; check out

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