Saturday 21 September 2019

Ghost of concert past inspires new Mick Egan album online

The band behind the 'Recreator' album (from left): Nick Murphy, Byran Barnes, Mick Egan, Lee Byrne and Dec Turley.
The band behind the 'Recreator' album (from left): Nick Murphy, Byran Barnes, Mick Egan, Lee Byrne and Dec Turley.

By Maria Pepper

Wexford musician Mick Egan has reclaimed one of his lost years by producing an album of re-worked songs that he had completely forgotten about.

'Recreator' is an album of 10 songs written by Mick in 1992 and just released online following a year-long project involving him and fellow musicians Nick Murphy, Bryan Barnes, Lee Byrne and Dec Turley.

Talented Mick (53) who has been performing since he was a teenager, played a solo acoustic concert in Wexford Arts Centre 24 years ago, premiering 21 new songs he had written.

'I remember it was after Trupenny Opera, the band I was in with Peter Murphy, Noel Quaid, Paul Merrigan and Maurice McNamara. When the show was over I went home and promptly forgot about the songs'.

Unknown to Mick,the gig was filmed and last year he got a big surprise when someone presented him with a video tape. 'I didn't know the tape existed. After the shock of how much I'd changed, I realised the songs actually had potential and had never been recorded,' he said.

He decided to re-work the material and put a band together for the project. 'My friend Nick Murphy who is a fantastic singer, was my first call. That went well so I followed it up with Bryan Barnes (Ripcord drummer); Lee Byrne (bass) and Dec Turley (piano).

'I didn't want to revisit the songs myself. I didn't want to sing them. I don't like going backwards,' said Mick who played guitar and keyboards on all the songs on the album.

During the past year, the five musicians assembled to re-arrange, rehearse and record 10 tracks from the 'Lost Songs of 1992' in Mick's studio at his home in Piercestown.

'Recreator' can now be listened to free or downloaded at

A video accompanying the lead single 'Precious Things' can be viewed on YouTube.

Meanwhile Mick is working on an album of new songs from 2016 which he hopes will be ready by the end of the year

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