Monday 26 August 2019

Girl (15) cut tongue on glass at wedding

A TEENAGE girl who cut her tongue on a broken glass while attending a family wedding in the Talbot Hotel, is entitled to more than €4,000 damages, Judge John Coughlan decided at Wexford District Court.

Judge Coughlan refused to approve a settlement of €3,932, including €432 offered by the insurance company Allianz on behalf of the hotel.

The girl who is now 15, was a guest at a wedding in the hotel in October 2010.

She was drinking from a glass of minerals when the glass broke and cut her mouth and tongue.

She attended the accident and emergency department of Waterford Regional Hospital the next day.

Seven weeks later, her tongue had recovered and there was no visible scar, according to a medical report.

She still had some pain in her tongue at times especially when she ate hot food.

The doctor who examined her for the medical report expected her to make a full recovery within three months.

' The amount is not enough... not approved,' Judge O Buachalla told Ian Ryan, solicitor for the plaintiff who was suing by her mother.

'I'm not approving it. Get more money from the insurance company. I think it's on the lower end of the Circuit Court scale,' he said.

' This is a 15 year old girl. Tell the insurance company I regard it as a Circuit Court matter,' said the Judge.

When the solicitor returned and said they were willing to offer the maximum District Court amount, Judge Coughlan said: 'Put it into the Circuit Court and get a decent barrister.'

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