Thursday 23 November 2017

Girls on road to buying new bus for their club



TWO teenage Wexford girls have benefited so much from being members of Wexford AbleDisable Club that they want to help the committee buy a badly-needed new bus.

Emer Murphy and Ciara Butler organised a successful fundraising cabaret and dance in the Riverbank House Hotel recently, featuring Emerald Folk, Back to Back, Don Sadler and Fergie 'Diamond' Kehoe.

'The bus we have is 10 years old and can't cater for all the people attending the club', said Emer who has been a member of Wexford Able-Disable for eight years.

'The club has played a big part in my life and I thought it would be a nice way to give something back. They do a lot for us', she said.

Ciara has been involved in the club for the past four years and enjoys the Monday night meetings in Coolcotts Community Centre.

'Everyone gets together to have a laugh, play pool, darts, rings and table soccer. If you want to relax you can sit in the television room and watch the soaps'.

'The leaders take it in turns to bring some of the members to the shop. We walk to and from the shop', she said.

The girls said the existing bus which collects members and brings them home at the end of the night, is often overcrowded on the journey home and a new bigger bus is urgently needed.

Emer and Ciara thanked the chairman Tony Murphy for his commitment to the club.

'He gives up his Monday nights to be with the members and look after them. Without him, the club would not be where it is today', said Emer.

All the money raised at the cabaret which featured lots of spot prizes and a raffle, will go towards the purchase of a new bus.

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