Saturday 21 September 2019

Good hygiene crucial to prevent spread of disease

THE PUBLIC are advised to be extra vigilant with hygiene measures to prevent the spread of swine flu.

With the number of cases increasing at a rapid rate last week, people are being encouraged to get the seasonal flu vaccination which also contains the vaccine for swine flu.

Dr. Brendan Coffey, who has a practice in Bagenalstown, last week treated several patients who were sick with the debilitating flu. All were under the age of 65 and none had been vaccinated against the condition.

He said that the main difference between the seasonal flu and the swine flu is that the symptoms are more severe in the latter.

Symptoms vary but typically include a high temperature, aches and pains, vomiting and a cough.

His advice is for patients to rest, take plenty of fluids and to be aware of hygiene measures such as hand washing.

Tissues should be discarded straight after use while sneezing into the crook of the arm if there aren't any tissues available helps to prevent the spread of the disease.

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