Wednesday 18 September 2019

Goods placed on DoneDeal in Wexford stood at €146m in 2014

THE total value of goods placed on in County Wexford during 2014 amounted to €146 million, according to the online company's newly-released 'Second Hand Ireland' report.

The county is 10th placed in Ireland for online sales, with 63,575 advertisements placed by Wexford users with the online company in the year. The average price of goods/services advertised in Wexford in 2014 was €175.

The report reveals a mass retail movement of hundreds of thousands of people online buying and selling everyday items, the 24/7 online shopping revolution is being led by the second hand Ireland market, and in particular, by

Nationally goods traded on its site at over €300 million per month, representing almost 3% of Ireland's GNP. This amounts to a €4.5 billion market in second hand trading activity in 2014.

Overall, there were 1.89 million ads places in 2014, an increase from 1.42 million the previous year.

According to DoneDeal, while traditional high street retail sales remain sluggish in Ireland, the online second hand Ireland market has witnessed an explosion of activity with growth of 215 per cent over the past five years, this represents trade growing seven times faster than high street retail sales.

The 'Second Hand Ireland' report was launched in the Marker Hotel in Dublin, attended by Ireland's leading brand managers, advertising and media buying agencies.

Speaking at the event, the report's author, David McWilliams, economist and broadcaster said: 'The Irish economy has reached a tipping point. What started out as a small bunch of online traders has become a mass retail movement. This is changing the way we shop, forever.

'The figures for the volumes buying and selling through the DoneDeal site alone are truly staggering and the long term impact of all this commercial activity on the economy will be extraordinary.'

When it comes to the five most popular searches last year, 'BMW' came out on top with 2,244,638 searches, followed by 'John Deere' on 792,020 searches, 'iPhone' with 475, 902 searches, 'Sofa' with 421,808 searches and 'Bike' with 154,309 searches.

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