Sunday 17 December 2017


GOLDEN GARDEN GNOMES are a great idea – in moderation!

The Tidy Towns adjudicators when visiting Gorey this year noted that the Town Council were advertising the local garden competition, including best housing estate, for which the winners were to receive 'Golden Gnomes' (though none have been presented yet, we understand).

The adjudicators were pleased with the initiative, but appear to be very worried about a proliferation of ' twee' replicas in gardens around Gorey.

'Perhaps the Golden Gnome might spawn a lot of twee garden ornament copies – we hope not! Maybe a more artistic trophy might be considered,' the report stated, encouraging a pre-emptive strike on the poor gnomes.

However, the adjudicators are convinced that the Tidy Towns in Gorey will go from strength to strength as the local committee are working very hard.

Indeed, on the evening of their arrival the adjudicators were 'most impressed to see the orange Tidy Town jackets hard at work at weeding St Michael's Road at a very late hour'.

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