Friday 24 November 2017

Government squeezing tenants off lists

A motion by Cllr Anthony Kelly calling for Wexford County Council to appeal to Housing Minister Simon Coveney to carry out an urgent review on the criteria of income levels of social housing applicants, which is impacting applicants' eligibility, was fully supported at the meeting.

Cllr Kelly said social housing applicants in County Wexford have been removed from the housing list because of the new income criteria, which sets family income at a maximum threshold of €35,000 for a couple seeking a house in the country.

Cllr Kelly said: 'It's very unfair; some of these people will never raise enough for a mortgage. They are removing people from housing lists by default.'

Cllr Davy Hynes said family income support is being included in applying family's assessments.

'This may mean that people get removed from the housing list. This needs to be looked at as it's absolutely pushing people off housing lists and these people haven't a hope of providing for themselves.'

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