Wednesday 17 January 2018

Grandchild of Robert Brennan wants to contribute to memorial

Dear Editor,

With reference to the spirited statement given to your newspaper by Upper George Street, Wexford, resident Mr. Roche some two or three months ago I today found a mislaid letter from Robert Brennan's granddaughter.

It is of great interest in view of the approach of the centenary year, 2016. Her letter reads:

'I learned of the proposed memorial to my grandfather from your article of April 2009, sent to me by my cousin Joan Doyle, and I am writing to say that I would like to contribute £1,000 to the project.

Originally I intended to put this money towards a memorial plaque to go on the wall of Robert Brennan's former home at No.4 George Street, where his mother, Bridget Kearney, ran a small shop on the corner.

However, although I obtained initial consent from Wexford Borough Council in September 2003, I was unable to take the matter further because I got no response from the owners of 4. George Street.

I would be grateful if you could tell me is there a memorial fund into which I can contribute for the Selskar Square memorial? I do not live in Wexford but in Cambridge, England, so I do not see the Wexford papers.

Yours sincerely

Yvonne Jerrod

I replied:

'Dear Yvonne,

Delighted to get your email. Wexford Corporation have taken a decision to honour Robert Brennan (whom I had actually met) in 2016.

The councillor who proposed the motion was Cllr Fergus Kehoe. I'm sending him a copy of your message. I would hope that the bronze plaque or whatever memorial would be on his [Robert Brennan's] home in George Street but it's early days yet.

He has wide family connections here, including his niece and her family, Mrs Nancy Walsh, and the well known Selskar Kearney family.'

Yours sincerely,

Nicky Furlong,

Drinagh Lodge,



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