Sunday 20 October 2019

Grimm tale will be something to behold at Wexford panto

Some of the members of the panto cast.
Some of the members of the panto cast.

By David tucker

Wexord Pantomime Society's production of Snow White and the Babes in the Wood should prove something of a Grimm tale when it comes to the Dun Mhuire early in January.

Tom O'Leary and the society have just revealed the cast and if past performance are anything to go by, this is a show that is not to be missed.

Snow White is Emily Brazzill Horace, Stephen Byrne, The Widow Gilhooley, Paul Walsh is Heidi, Majella Londra, The Evil Queen, Adrienne Meyler, Cedrick, Mick Farrell is Little Red Riding Hood, Clíona M Cormack is Hansel, William Troy Walsh, Gretel, Emma O' Leary, The Wicked Witch, Chris Doyle, The Wolf, Barry Wadding, Prince Charming, Andrew Smith, Rapunzel, Holly Rossiter, Jacob Grimm, Dylan Walsh, Wilhelm Grimm, Josh Mc Laughlin, Little Red Riding Hood's Granny, Jane Kent, Little Red Riding Hood's Mother, Marie Dunne, The Magic Mirror, Mark Mahoney, Pig, Aoife O'Keefe, Piggy, Éabha Carty, Piglet, and Aoife Hore.

There will be lots of new faces, brilliant kids parts, some strong old regulars and a chorus and choir of 100.

The plot mixes fairy tales witten by the Brothers Grimm who at the offset tell us that with pure imagination even their stories can take interesting and exciting new directions. They introduce us firstly to Snow White a beautiful young lady who has been locked away in a tower by her vein and egotistical Step Mother the Evil Queen. The Queen has a magic mirror that tells her she is the fairest in the land but as Snow White turns eighteen the mirror cannot lie and must declare Snow White to be the fairest. The furious Queen sends her sidekick Cedrick to the nearby village to hire the services of a huntsman to take Snow White into the woods and kill her. If you want to find out more you will have to to the panto which runs from January 12 to 17.

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