Tuesday 25 September 2018

Grogan's Road jams getting worse

Traffic congestion at the end of Grogan's Road.
Traffic congestion at the end of Grogan's Road.

wEXFORD town has an increasing number of traffic bottlenecks, the road at Crosstown over Wexford Bridge, on the Newtown Road near the hospital where Gas Networks Ireland is still digging trenches for its pipeline are among the worst.

But in recent days, Grogan's Road, where Virgin Media is laying fibre-optic cables, has leapt to the top of the traffic jam blackspots, particularly when parents are dropping off children and picking them up from the Presentation Secondary School.

However, the problem may be a little further down the road at St Peter's Square where a very busy pedestrian-operated crossing stops cars travelling down Grogan's Road in their tracks, with a knock-on traffic jam on Roche's Road.

'The sequence of the lights doesn't seem right.. these must be the most heavily used pedestrian traffic lights in the town,' said a regular and frustrated commuter, appealing to council engineers to see if anything can be done to improve traffic flow there. 'There must be something that that can be done.'

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