Monday 19 March 2018

Groups going it alone in motorway protests


COMMUNITIES who had been united against the Rosslare to Oylegate motorway are now going it alone, with some already backing routes that cut through the parishes of their former friends.

An umbrella group, representing communities against the proposed new motorway, held its first meeting just last July, with Miles Deas, a member of the Barntown committee, elected as its chairman.

Other committees involved in the joint effort included Crossabeg, Cleariestown, Glynn, Piercestown and Murrintown, with residents in a number of other areas also potentially affected by the eight potential routes outlined by the National Roads Authority (NRA).

The main argument put forward by the joint committee has been that a motorway is not needed and an upgrade of the existing road is a more than adequate solution, while also saving the taxpayer millions of Euro.

However, correspondence from the NRA and County Manager Eddie Breen has made it abundantly clear that this is not an option and the motorway will proceed as planned.

Mr Deas confirmed yesterday (Tuesday) that he has stepped down as Chairman of the joint committee and Barntown's committee is now focusing on itself. 'We have to go back to the populous of our own parish now,' said Mr Deas.

He also confirmed that Barntown is now pushing route H, which cuts through Cleariestown and Murrintown. The Crossabeg committee is also in favour of this option, as it is the only route not running through the parish.

'It's not nice, but we're running out of people to talk to,' said Mr Deas. 'It's not me building this road and it's not Barntown,' he added, pointing out that they were left with no option as the NRA is not listening to reason.

Wexford County Council County Manager Eddie Breen said the preferred route will be announced at the end of this year.

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