Thursday 23 November 2017

Gutter scammers warning in Wexford

David Tucker

Residents who agree to a €20 fee are being charged €120
Residents who agree to a €20 fee are being charged €120

Wexford town resident John Fowler says elderly and vulnerable people are being preyed on by scammers offering to clean gutters for €20 who then demand €120 following the job.

John said he was aware of the scam taking place in Corish Park and Liam Mellows, with other residents reporting similar incidents in Bayview Drive and Clonard.

'The two gentlemen will call to your house and tell you that your gutters are blocked and need cleaning before the winter comes in, they agree to clean out the gutters for €20. When they are finished they look for €120 saying they had to replace brackets holding the gutters and also had to put on some silicone to stop leaks,' said John.

'Don't part with this type of money tell them to call back later and inform the gardai about it straight away.'

He said that in an incident in Liam Mellows a woman told the scammers she would pay them later when confronted with a €120 bill.

'She called her sons and when the men came back for the money, they confronted them and only the €20 fee that had been agreed was paid.'

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