Monday 22 January 2018

Half of busy ward closed at Wexford Hospital

By David Tucker

Wexford General Hospital
Wexford General Hospital

facing a difficult summer of staff shortage and holidays, Wexford General Hospital has closed half of one of its busiest wards.

Sources in the town said St Joseph's Ward had been closed for the next three months, however, the hospital said that the plan to close 'three bays' in the ward would be reviewed and adjusted on a weekly basis in accordance with the number of people looking for beds.

The hospital said summer is the peak period for staff annual leave and its management are 'working to facilitate scheduled staff leave while retaining as much inpatient capacity as possible at the hospital. 'Following hospital management's assessment of current in-patient throughput, available resources and completion of risk assessment regarding clinical provision a decision has been made to a partial temporary closure of St Josephs Ward which will see admissions restricted to bays 2/3/4,' the hospital said a statement in response to questions posed by this newspaper.

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