Monday 14 October 2019

Hassett's closure rumour totally unfounded

RUMOURS ABOUT the impending closure of a well-known Wexford pharmacy, Hassett's on North Main Street, are completely untrue, according to management at the outlet this week.

Castlebridge man Padraig Cronin, area manager of the IPOS network which includes Hassett's said he had heard the rumour himself but it was ' completely without foundation'.

He said the company had a certain idea of where it was coming from and believed there was a certain degree of malice in it.

' From our point of view, it is without any credence whatsoever and this pharmacy would seek to reassure our patients that we are staying open', he said.

'We would have concerns that our patients would be worried on hearing such a rumour as it would have implications for them. Our second concern would be for our staff. It is not very pleasant for us to have our staff hearing these rumours', Mr. Cronin added.

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