Thursday 22 August 2019

Headbutted Garda as handcuffs were too tight

A JUDGE has refused jurisdiction in the case of a serial offender who headbutted a Garda outside of Wexford District Court because his handcuffs were put on too tightly.

Judge O Buachalla has sought a book of evidence in the case of Ivan Hendy, Mullinagower, Castlebridge who admitted assaulting Garda William Gallagher outside of Wexford District Court on March 2. Hendy has 79 previous convictions, and is currently serving a 20-month sentence.

Garda William Gallagher told the court he needed two weeks off work due to a concussion he sustained in the attack.

He said he was asked to assist Enniscorthy Gardai with a prisoner on the day in question. Hendy's handcuffs were removed for the case and afterwards, as Garda Gallagher went to re-cuff him, he said 'I'm going to speak to my ma', and brushed past the Garda.

Garda Gallagher placed one cuff on the defendant who said 'F*ck off they are too f *cking tight', and headbutted the Garda in the face.

' I fell back, dazed,' he said adding that other Gardai had to intervene to bring Hendy under control.

' He said: 'Get your f *cking hands off me' and 'when I get out of these cuffs I will find you and slit your f * cking throat,' he said.

Garda Gallagher added that Hendy had also said ' I am going to bite you and give you the virus'.

Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla decided that he was going to refuse jurisdiction in the case.

' This is a very, very serious assault,' he said adding that the matter would be adjourned until March 7.

Bail was granted.

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