Friday 15 December 2017

Health service and jobs are the prime concerns for voters

THE HEALTH Service, or rather its many failings, has emerged as the top election issue in the county, with jobs and the perceived lack of job creation following close on its heels.

A straw poll of people in the four main county towns has revealed real concerns about the level of hospital care, the lack of beds, the suffering of people being treated on trolleys rather than in wards and the role of the HSE, which has sopped up many millions of euro in government funding with few signs of any improvement in the service we are receiving.

In the words of one disgruntled voter: 'We don't get proper access or the service we should and it's the government's problem, the buck stops with the ministers. There have been enough health ministers to run the World Health Organisation, and they still can't manage it.'

In all the towns, the state of the health service was a common refrain: 'They have to do something about healthcare and jobs. Everywhere in New Ross is closing. It's very difficult for people to get any job here. The health system is diabolical. Look at Waterford hospital. Appointments are getting cancelled.'

'The health service and long waiting lists, and the bureaucracy you have to get through to get anything.

'The system needs to be more streamlined and more centred directly on each individual case. Some people need attention quicker than others,' was another observation.

Roads, medical cards, jobs, support for small business and climate change were also raised as issues.

Health service and jobs prime concern

Health service and jobs are the prime concerns for voters

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