Sunday 20 October 2019

Heartache for Helena as she leaves The Voice at semi final stage

By Esther Hayden

There was heartbreak for Wellingtonbridge singer Helena Bradley Bates on Sunday night as she was knocked out of RTE's The Voice.

Helena was one of eight singers who had made it through to the semi finals but with just four going through to the finals next Sunday, there was stiff competition for the public's vote.

In the end Kieran McKillop, Emma Humber, Patrick Donoghue and Sarah McTernan all won a place in the grand final, leaving judge Kian Egan - Helena's mentor - with no artist in the final

As well as Helena, John Sheehy, John Bonham and Denise Morgan were also sent home.

Although just weeks away from giving birth to her fifth child, Helena had no problem belting out John Farnham's 'You're The Voice.' After her performance Una Foden said 'that was perfect for you, you have the strongest female voice in this show'.

She also drew strong praise from Bressie although he said he'd like to hear her sing a different genre. 'You are an amazing powerful strong singer. Its working but the power ballad genre, I would love to see you test yourself', while Rachel Stevens said 'it would be great to see you challenge yourself with something different.'

Kian said that it was 'a great song with a great singer that people can connect to'.

Despite a sterling performance, Helena didn't secure enough votes from the public to earn her place in the final although with her baby due in two weeks she still has plenty to look forward to.

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