Thursday 14 December 2017

Hedgehogs nursed to health

By david looby

Hedgehog Old King Cole.
Hedgehog Old King Cole.

FOUR HEDGEHOGS named Groucho, Spiky, Leatherhead and Old King Cole who were found on the side of the road beside their mother who was killed by a passing car, have been nursed back to health in a greenhouse.

Five tiny hedgehogs aged only a few days old were found at Murrintown but a female member of the array of hedgehogs died.

WSPCA Rehoming Officer Brigid Cullen said: 'They are being kept and treated like royalty in a greenhouse in Murrintown which lets them hibernate without having to be outside.'

Groucho, Spiky, Leatherhead and Old King Soul have been bottle fed since birth.

'When we found them their spines were like coarse hairs they were so thin. We bottle fed them resting them on two fingers and kept them warm as they can't digest when they are cold.'

The hedgehogs were treated by veterinary nurse Nicole Ryan at Bramley & O'Shea vets in Wexford town. 'They're flying it now. I had them in a big flowerpot but moved them into two cat boxes and they use one for the toilet and the other to sleep in.'

Ms Cullen said the hedgehogs will be released into the wild and are living off cheap cat food at present.

'They love the greenhouse as they can root around. I would like to thank all the people who gave donations of cat food to get these lovable creatures through the winter,' she said.

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