Tuesday 17 September 2019

Hedges problem 'out of control'

OVERGROWN hedges are a hazard to motorists and pedestrians alike with one councillor expressing concern that someone 'will have their eye poked out by a hedge' in the Wexford district unless they are trimmed back soon.

Cllr Ger Carthy grasped the thorny subject, saying certain areas like Murrintown need to be looked at.

'What is the plan of action in relation to that? It's getting out of control on bad bends,' Cllr Carthy said.

Senior Executive Engineer Lar Lett said he had just met with outdoor staff about this very issue.

'Where there is an issue with visibility we have plans afoot to deal with these.'

Cllr Carthy said the Tagoat area needs to be spruced up. Mr Lett said the Gateway scheme has been used in the district and may be useful. Director of Services Tony Larkin said Wexford County Council plans to expand the scheme into all areas of the county. Cllr Anthony Kelly said walking routes in the town are also being invaded by hedges.

'It's important to do something before someone gets an eye torn out or something. At Newlands apartments opposite Parklands there is a hedge coming out forcing people onto the road.'

Cllr Frank Staples said access to Ballyhealy beach is being blocked due to hedges. Mr Lett said when there are road safety issues hedges can be cut inside the prohibited summer period.

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