Sunday 17 December 2017

Hefty salaries don't belong in charity sector

By Deborah Coleman - Straight Talking

Straight talking: Deborah Coleman
Straight talking: Deborah Coleman

There has been a lot of discussion about capping the salaries of charity CEOs and it's about time this was put into action.

The sum of €100,000 is more than enough to recognise that a high calibre of candidate is required to lead some of the country's mots important charitable organisations.

More than this starts to point to a belief that a candidate is more important that the actual organisation.

Anyone earning €100,000 for heading up a charity should be more than content with that figure. It's not about the responsibility of the role or the level of commitment that it requires but rather about public perception.

How can ordinary members of the public be expected to fork out to support various causes when very often the largest outgoing on their books is the CEO's salary?

Plenty of us have demanding jobs and work under enormous pressure yet we don't have salaries of this level. Where a charity is concerned one would think that the cause itself is in fact the biggest attraction to any and all staff members.

Yet, there are still CEOs receiving eye-wateringly big salaries, some of which would be much better used to help the cause itself.

The capping of salaries would send a message to the public that the people at the top of these organisations believe in what they do and are willing to show it.

It just seems morally wrong that such an amount would be paid to anybody working in the charity sector.

Of course somebody has to be in charge and armies of volunteers don't just magically appear and keep the charity upright.

It is a team effort and somebody has to be answerable about decisions and policy, manage millions of Euro in funding and to generally be a figurehead, yet do they really need in excess of €100,000 to entice them to do a good job.

The question must be asked that if certain successful charities can do the same with volunteer CEOs who don't take a penny in wages then how are these top end salaries justified?

It must be said that without these organisations we would all be a lot poorer as they do a tremendous amount of work that the State simply cannot or will not provide but it would be refreshing to see the CEOs agree a capped figure to show that they understand how people feel about it.

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