Friday 19 January 2018

Helena sails through to semi finals of The Voice

By Esther Hayden

Helena Bradley Bates
Helena Bradley Bates

Wellingtonbridge singer Helena Bradley Bates is still buzzing from her performance on RTE's The Voice on Sunday night which saw her comfortably through to the semi finals.

The expectant mum of four said she was delighted to get through to the semi finals following her version of River Deep by Celine Dion.

'Oh stop, it was such a relief. It's still sinking in to be honest.'

Heavily pregnant Helena said the last few weeks have been a whirlwind and last week she was up and down to Dublin every day for rehearsals. With her fifth child due on May 4 Helena is hoping that her unborn child won't make a surprise appearance!

Despite being just three weeks shy of giving birth Helena said she isn't finding the hectic schedule daunting. 'The adrenlin just kicks in really and you keep going. You just have to get on with it and the energy builds up. I might think I'm tired and then the energy just comes from somewhere.'

Helena said that Sunday's live show was a different experience to the rest of the shows so far. 'I found it different alright. It was so much more intense. I'd even go so far as to say scary. It was just standing there not knowing. It was all down the public so it was hard to know. I know the coaches had some input too but that's gone from now on and it's entirely up to the public.

'You just don't know what their reaction will be but you just have to go on stage and do the best you can and hope for the best. That's all you can do.'

On Sunday Helena blew the audience and judges away with her version of River Deep by Celine Dion. Bressie said he did have to block his ears listening to her but only for good reasons as her voice blew him away. Una and Rachel are stunned by Helena's energy as she is heavily pregnant while Kian saved his space in the semi-final for Helena.

Next week's song choice was decided yesterday (Monday) morning but will be kept under wraps until the live show. 'We've just sorted it', said Helena 'but it will be a surprise on the night because I don't think we can say.'

Helena also paid tribute to her four children who range in age from 18 years to 14 months. 'All my family have really been supporting me and the kids can't wait until the weekend to come up to Dublin to support me. They are behind me the whole time and are getting really involved and are very excited.'

She also credits her late mother for her success. 'I always feel her with me and I definitely feel she is keeping me going. I can feel her presence all the time.'

Helena had some family members in the audience on Sunday night and is hoping that next week she will have a strong Wexford contingent at the Helix to cheer her along.

She said she hopes to make it through next week's semi final which will see the eight remaining acts cut to four who will go on to battle it out in the grand final on April 26. 'I'm hoping to get to the finals but you just don't know what way the public will go but if I go on stage and perform well then I'll be happy. Once you get up and do your best that's all can do.'

Although she is used to performing in front of a live audience Helena said the whole experience of the packed Helix is totally different. 'Any gigs I've done haven't been anything like that. This is totally new.' However she said that as her coach, Kian Egan, along with the rest of the production team have made the whole experience much easier.

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