Sunday 18 August 2019

Help to reunite sad child with missing Baa Baa

Missing Baa Baa.
Missing Baa Baa.

a MUM from the UK is appealing for any information that will help reunite her daughter with a missing black sheep, albeit a toy one.

Anna Graham said the toy, called Baa Baa by her five-year-old daughter Madison, disappeared when the family was on holiday in Wexford last month.

She believes the black sheep was lost either at the Irish National Heritage Park or at Rosslare Ferryport.

'I hoped as time went on she would forget about him, but she still cries for him and misses him terribly, I have contacted the ports; my sister in New Zealand even set up a facebook page.. however we have had no luck,' she said.

'I thought I would make this last attempt to find him as we are desperate to find him and re-unite them as she is very worried about him. She intends to ask Father Christmas to bring him back so we really are up against it!' said Anna.

If anyone knows the fate of the missing black sheep, they should contact David Tucker at this newspaper who will pass on the details fo Anna.

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