Thursday 14 December 2017

High restriction in new graveyard

RELATIVES won't be allowed to erect over-the-top headstones on the graves of loved ones in the new cemetery in Enniscorthy.

Construction work on the new graveyard began recently and will take 12 weeks to complete. The contractors are Niall Barry and Co.

At a Council meeting last week, Cllr. Pat Kavanagh asked if there was a plan to limit the height of headstones.

' That whole headstone thing is got out of hand. To be honest, if you're under it, you're not really bothered what's over it but it has got out of hand', he said.

The County Manager Eddie Breen said bye-laws would be introduced to regulate headstones in the new cemetery.

Asked if such a move was possible in other existing cemeteries, he said it would be very difficult to impose because of custom and practice that had built up over the years.

The reason it is possible in Enniscorthy is because it is a new graveyard.

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