Sunday 17 December 2017

'Honour my father by protecting our hospital'



THE SON of the late Leo Carthy has called on his father's former political colleagues to honour his memory by securing the future of acute services at Wexford General Hospital, including its 24hour A&E department. Ger Carthy, speaking following the death of his father last weekend, said Leo would not have lived past his 80th birthday had it not been for the excellent care he received at Wexford General.

Leo Carthy, who served as an Independent County Councillor for 49 years, passed away peacefully in the hospital in the early hours of Saturday morning., bringing an end to a full and remarkable life.

'IT'S TIME TO STOP playing political football now, the Carthy family wouldn't have had a father for as long as we did if it wasn't for that hospital,' said Ger, a paramedic working out of Wexford General.

Ger extended his thanks, on behalf of his family, to his colleagues in the ambulance service 'who came out for him on so many occasions and were so kind and caring to him.

'He never minded going in there because he knew he was getting the best care,' said Ger, who like many people in the county is now deeply concerned for the future of vital services of the hospital, which are currently under review by the HSE.

'It's time the people of Wexford stood up and were counted,' said Ger, who is also calling on his late father's many former colleagues in the political world to ' honour his memory by rallying together to save the hospital'.

Leo gave an interview to the Wexford People from his hospital bed last May, prior to the local elections. Though experiencing ill-health he was in good form and he spoke about how important it was to protect services at Wexford General.

'If it's true that we're going to lose the full-time A&E I'd ask the Oireachtas members of all parties to ensure that doesn't happen,' Leo said at the time.

'I'd shudder to think what would happen if you had a serious accident at Carnsore Point or the Hook. It's scandalous to even think about downgrading it,' said the hugely respected Independent councillor.

'We marched years ago, when they were going to close Wexford General Hospital altogether,' recalled Leo. 'We fought for it and thank God we have a fine general hospital here today.

'It's a good hospital for care and attention and I'd hate to see anything that would affect the running of this hospital or anyone attempt to downgrade it. I owe a lot to this hospital,' he said.

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