Saturday 21 September 2019

HOP to it - fund for OAP house repairs

By David Medcalf

Elderly people who need to carry out essential house repairs will soon be eligible for county council grant aid, to the relief of Wexford Borough District members.

The alphabet soup was served thick at their January meeting, with reference to HGD (housing grants for disability) and MAG (mobility aid grant scheme) in the housing report. Both schemes have been running without interruption but a third source of funds - HOP (housing for older people) was suspended last year.

Council official Nóirín Cummins confirmed there is hope of HOP money for the 48 applicants still on the books. The plan is to re-open the scheme in May when a sum of around €243,000 should be available to those aged 66-plus.

'I welcome that,' declared Cllr Anthony Kelly. Ms Cummins held out little hope of discretion being exercised in the case the 64 year old widow mentioned by Cllr Tony Dempsey.

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