Saturday 24 August 2019

Hospital just keep sending me home'

Nancy Pitman: in 'very bad pain'.
Nancy Pitman: in 'very bad pain'.

By Esther Hayden

A Wexford woman has hit out at the treatment she has been receiving at Wexford General Hospital.

Nancy Pitman (75) of Corish Gardens said she has been referred to Wexford General eleven times since January but has never been admitted. 'My doctor, Dr Curran, sends me to hospital to be admitted but they just send me home after five or six hours. I'm in terrible pain all the time and as well as that I have a hernia. When I get back my stomach bag gets blocked and I keep telling them that in the hospital.

'I've had enough. I'm in very, very bad pain and yet they won't admit me. Last Friday I was sent up to hospital by Dr Curran at 4.30 p.m. and at 8.40 p.m. they took blood and told me to ring up on Saturday morning for the results.'

'They don't seem to want to treat me there. They are not treating me at all. I'm not sleeping, I'm not eating. I'm doubled up in pain. I've really had enough. They need to treat me like a patient and not as a dog. I'm not very pleased with the staff at Wexford General. They need to give more priority to patients than to themselves. People don't go to hospitals to sit around for fun.

'I feel as if I am dying. Never in my life have I seen a hospital treat people like this. I had to beg them for a painkiller last Friday.'

Cllr Anthony Kelly said that he had received a call from Lily Byrne's office saying that the consultant would be in touch with Dr Curran about Nancy however he said he understood this has yet to happen. 'She's really in a bad way', he said.

There was no response from Wexford General Hospital at the time of going to press.

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