Wednesday 13 December 2017

Hospital yards away but potholes mean helicopter needed for injured boy

The helicopter at the Rugby Club in Park Lane on Saturday
The helicopter at the Rugby Club in Park Lane on Saturday

A HELICOPTER was scrambled to rescue a young player with suspected spinal injuries at Wexford Wanderers Rugby Club on Saturday because a doctor said the rutted and potholed access road was too dangerous for the 12-year-old to be carried by an ordinary ambulance.

'He should have gone to Wexford Hospital, which is 100 yards away, but instead he had to go to Dublin,' said a spokesperson for the club.

While the Wexford ambulance was rapidly at the pitchside, an attending doctor said the Park Lane entrance road was just too dangerous for the ambulance to carry a patient suffering a possible spinal injury.

As a result of this, the Wexford ambulance crew requested assistance and the air ambulance from Athlone, about 40 minutes flying time away, was scrambled.

The rugby club is the designated helicopter landing area for emergencies which makes the situation even worse as it would mean that in the event of a major incident ambulances would not able to safely navigate the existing road with seriously ill patients.

Local sources said the injured young player had landed hard on the ground

'He said he was suffering from pins and needles and the risk couldn't be taken to take him down the road.'

The boy, who is from Enniscorthy and plays for the Under-13s is now said to be fine and fully recovered from the accident.

The club spokesperson said a footpath had been built across the bottom of the land several months ago but despite many dates for the new road to be opened this had not happened.

'We have been told by the council since April that the old road is going to be closed and the new road opened,' said the spokesperson.

'But we keep getting dates further down the line, the last we got was on September 16 and it's now October 14.'

'The road is absolutely discgraceful. There are four sports clubs at the end of it and anyonne of us but we just keep getting dates further down the lane last date we got was 16th September and now its the 14th of October.

Mayor Cllr. George Lawlor said he had been in contact with the county manager and had been told that the old road would be closed and the new one opened as a matter of urgency.

'Obviously this is an area that needs to be urgently looked at,' said Cllr. Lawlor.

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