Tuesday 17 September 2019

Householders 'don't have to pay' management fees

RESIDENTS are continuing to pay fees to management companies even after the running of their housing estates have been taken over by Wexford County Council, to the amazement of Cllr. Robbie Ireton. The Labour man described the charges being levied by the firms as extraordinary and suggested that they covered many of the services provided by the local authority.

'Money is being collected under false pretences,' alleged the councillor who reported that some of the rates are exorbitant. He added that debt collectors were being used by the management companies to extract their money.

Director of services Adrian Doyle pointed out that, in some estates, residents were happy to share the cost of items such as grass cutting. However, where the county council is in charge, the local authority covers overheads such as manholes, lighting, sewerage and water.

His advice to householders was: 'If you don't want to pay, don't pay.'

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