Saturday 25 November 2017

Houses to be renewed to shorten lists

Two new housing schemes are being introduced to reduce the number of people on the social housing list.

A buy and renew scheme, whereby privately owned properties which have been vacant for over a year, are bought by the local authority, is being initiated.

Housing officer Padraig O'Gorman said: 'How it works is we do an estimate of the works and we do the work and it is occupied. The properties need to be able to be upgraded and to meet building regulations so we are proud to hand over the keys.'

A repair and leasing scheme involves houses which are privately owned and have been derelict for at least one year. Up to €40,000 in funding will be allocated to making these houses habitable and the houses are leased back over a ten to 20 year period. 'With an average rent of €700 the owner would get €500 and €200 would go off the wind down of the finance for a period of time.'

Mr O'Gorman said the schemes have a double benefit in that they provide social housing units, while regenerating and improving streets and estates.

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