Sunday 17 December 2017

Howlin finally accepts the move to the suburbs

HE'S not known for giving in easily, but Brendan Howlin held his hands up and said there was a battle he simply couldn't win, with Wexford's new Garda Station set to be built in the 'suburbs', not in the town.

The Wexford deputy has long argued that rgw new Garda Station should be within the town boundary and not at the proposed new site in Roxborough, on the Rosslare Road.

However, at the meeting of the Joint Policing Committee ( JPC) he seemed to admit defeat, welcoming the update on the plans for the new station.

'I'm almost at the point of surrender. I've been beaten down on the location of this Garda Station. The objective now is to have it, rather than have it in the right place,' said the Labour TD.

' We can't go back now, we need to get on with this,' said Deputy Howlin. Fianna Fail's Tony Dempsey echoed his Labour colleague's sentiments about the location.

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