Sunday 15 September 2019

Howlin gets his skates on

BRENDAN Howlin said that Labour's County Wexford campaign is already up and running in earnest in advance of the upcoming general election.

His posters are ready to go up and all his literature, down to the car stickers, is also ready for distribution.

Though he must remain mainly n Dublin due to the important business taking place in Leinster House this week, Mr Howlin said his running mate, Cllr Pat Cody, has already started canvassing.

Labour has also set up its campaign co-ordinating office at the SIPTU office at Coolcotts in Wexford and it is ready for action.

Mr Howlin has been to the forefront of Labour's activities in recent times, giving the party's views on the Fianna Fáil dramas and, more importantly, outlining its own policies and what it plans to do if in power in around a month's time.

'I'm eager to get back full-time in Wexford, but there are big issues policy-wise to be dealt with here,' said Mr Howlin.

He said that voters are angry and have made up their mind they are not voting Fianna Fáil, but he is keen to show them what Labour can offer. 'I think people want to know what an alternative government is going to do,' he said.

'My concern is that people would lose faith in politics. They keep talking about "politicians", rather than "Fianna Fáil politicians" or "the Government". We need to restore faith in politicians,' he said, acknowledging that it won't be an easy task on the doorsteps in Wexford.

Mr Howlin said he is optimistic about Labour's chances of taking two seats in Wexford, a lot of which will depend on Fianna Fáil's ability to hold its two.

He acknowledged that there remains a strong core vote for the party in Wexford and that in John Browne and Seán Connick it has strong candidates, but feels that its continuing 'ignominious' exit from power is only adding to the 'seething anger' that already existed among the electorate towards Fianna Fáil.

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