Friday 20 September 2019

HSE apologises after re-test bills were sent by mistake

Lucinda Kelly
Lucinda Kelly

By David Tucker

THE HSE has apologised after bills were sent to two patients who had to be re-tested following potentially faulty colonoscopy procedures.

'Wexford General Hospital regrets that two instances have come to light, whereby bills were issued in error to patients recalled for colonoscopy as part of a review process,' the HSE in a statement.

It said hospital management had made contact with those concerned, 'apologised for the error and clarified that there is no charge and bills in their respect'.

The issue came to light last week after Lucinda Kelly, from Hill Street, said she had received a €75 bill for a repeat procedure.

'It was their mistake in the first place. Now they charging me €75 for the procedure they did wrong,' said Lucinda, adding that she couldn't and would't pay the bill.

Diagnostic colonoscopies are those requested by a patient's GP to investigate gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal pain or bleeding. Screening colonoscopies are carried out on people aged 60-69 who have had a positive home test as part of the HSE's BowelScreen programme.

Ken Mealy, consultant surgeon at Wexford General Hospital, said the re-test process was a precautionary measure and the risk to patients was low. More than 300 people were asked to undergo retests following concerns over the first tests.

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