Sunday 20 October 2019

HSE plan using St. Senan's for mental health services

St Senan's Hospital in Enniscorthy.
St Senan's Hospital in Enniscorthy.

David Tucker

the HSE says it is planning to use semi-derelict St Senan's Hospital to provide mental health services in County Wexford.

Responding to questions from this newspaper, the HSE said that it was examining its options through its estate department, however, it gave no indication of what the options may be.

'It is the HSE's plan to use this facility, going forward, for the provision of mental health services,' said an HSE spokesman.

County council chief executive Tom Enright said last week that the local authority was actively involved in talks on the future of the former mental hospital, parts of which have been badly vandalised. Lead and copper has been stolen from roof at the back of the building leaving it exposed to the elements.

The HSE said that 'control measures have been put in place to address security concerns'.

Ian Lumley from An Taisce told this newspaper that the organisation had been 'raising concern at the unresolved future of this landmark building for some time'.

'The most recent information is that the HSE intends to put it on the market., but there is no time frame for this

In the meantime serious deterioration is continuing,' he said, in comments made prior to the HSE saying that mental health services could be provided there.

Mr Enright said St Senan's Hospital is a unique building, designed and built for a particular function.

'However, its very large size and status as a protected structure listed on the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage presents difficulties in identifying a suitable use and increases the cost of refurbishment.

'I am hopeful that the on-going discussions will bear fruit and result in the building being restored and brought back to life in the near future,' he said.

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