Sunday 18 August 2019

Husband 'cleared out bank account and left'


A WOMAN WHO found herself in straitened circumstances after her husband left for work one morning and never returned having cleared out their bank account found herself before Judge Gerard Haughton at Wexford District Court last week.

Theresa Ronanjohn (49) with addresses in Clonnasheenogue, Ballymurn, Enniscorthy, 28 Chapel Wood, Kilmuckridge and Crory, Crossabeg was charged with making gain or causing loss at Greenacres, Selskar on August 1, 2011, August 3, 2011, July 31, 2011, theft from the Village, Forecourt, Clonroche on September 24, 2011, with two counts of making gain or causing loss at Pettit's Gorey on December 9, 2011 and again on December 10, 2011 and December 11, 2011.

She was further charged with making gain or causing loss at Pettitt's Enniscorthy on December 14, 2011 and December 16, 2011; with making off without payment at Great Gas, Arklow on September 27, 2011; making off without payment at Discount Fuel, Deal, Millands, Gorey on September 23, 2011 and with driving without insurance and a driving licence, failing to produce both documents and the non display of disc at Commercial Quay on July 2, 2011.

She was further charged with making off without payment at the Danby Lodge Hotel on August 9, 2011; theft from Texaco Service Station on September 17, 2011; making off without payment at Blackwater Lodge on August 2, 2011; the non payment of a a fare on a public service vehicle at Ballintaggart, Screen on August 12, 2012 and again at 28 Chapel Wood, Kilmuckridge on October 16, 2011. She was further charged with theft from Wallace's Esso Service Station in Wellingtonbridge on October 1, 2011 and making gain or causing loss at Doyle's Esso Spar, 1798 Street on December 4, 2011.

The court heard Ronanjohn had used six cheques to the value of €500 in Pettitts across Gorey and Enniscorthy which bounced.

On September 17, in Texaco, she had purchased goods telling staff she had no money to pay but her husband was up the town and she would return with the money.

She never returned. The court heard this money has since been repaid.

The court heard Ronanjohn is a native of Wales but is living in Wexford. She was evicted from her home in Enniscorthy for non-payment of rent and having been housed temporarily by the HSE in the Stanville Lodge and Whitford she went to the Blackwater Lodge and told staff social services would pay for her stay and that of her three children incurring a bill of €490.

In the Danby Lodge she incurred a bill of €711. She also failed to pay for taxi journeys. The court heard she had eight previous convictions.

Acting for Walsh solicitor Catriona Walsh said there was a probation report before the court which she said 'explains in some way the circumstances she found herself in facing these multiplicity of charges'.

However, she said the report is ' light on the effect the husband leaving her had'.

She said her husband went to work one morning and never came home but had obviously had it planned as he had cleaned out all their bank accounts including their son's college fund.

Ms. Walsh said he left Ronanjohn with no income when he left her in July 2011.

She said the couple had lived in Wexford since 2007 and had three living children having lost a son to Cystic Fibrosis eight years ago.

Ms. Walsh said Ronanjohn and her children had to leave the family home quickly after that because her husband hadn't been paying rent. She said Ronanjohn's husband hadn't had any contact with either his wife or his children since he left and any addresses she had for him in Wales hadn't been fruitful.

The couple previously lived in the Midlands where Ronanjohn worked full-time but since moving to Wexford in 2007 she gave up working.

Ms. Walsh said Ronanjohn was in 'straitened circumstances' and her siblings with the exception of a brother in Dubai weren't on speaking terms with her.

She said that brother was willing to repay any losses to businesses incurred by Ronanjohn by October 26.

Also acting for Ronanjohn solicitor June O'Hanlon said ' this is very much a case of a woman with some standing in the community who has now found herself in this position'. In respect of the insurance charges she said there was a query over whether Ronanjohn was disqualified or not and looked for time to ascertain this.

Judge Gerard Haughton adjourned the case until November 5.

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