Sunday 18 August 2019

I agree, sport is 'over dramatic'

Dear Sir, I WISH TO state that I totally agree with your columnist Deborah Coleman about 'reaction to sport being over-dramatic'.

May I play the amateur psychiatrist and suggest that this 'overly dramatic' thing may be due to long pent-up feelings of exasperation, anger, etc.

These people then ' let them all out' in the heat of the game – perhaps feelings and emotions which ' built up' in their private lives and were not allowed to be expressed.

I have seen photos of players with nothing short of 'maniacle' expressions on their faces which would almost frighten you; then we have the hugging and kissing and hysteria among grown men, all during and after games.

I think there may be something lacking in the lives of such people who readily pour out such and effusion of emotions, indeed some quite strong – tears, hysteria and all over a game which children play. I know about national and local pride in winning, especially an important game.

But even in winning it begs the question: so what! Humanity gone crazy. Name and address with the editor.

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