Tuesday 17 September 2019

'I would leave in the morning if I could'

Ilza Bedrite with Oisin, Callum and Jay Redmond
Ilza Bedrite with Oisin, Callum and Jay Redmond
Matt Gurdak and, right, Charlie and Roxanne Connick
Matt Gurdak and, right, Charlie and Roxanne Connick

By David Looby

'IT'S like a ghost estate really when you drive in. It's disgusting to see what's happened the place.'

These are the words of an elderly Clonard Village resident, who bought her three-bedroom home in 2005 for €219,000.

The lady - who asked not to be identified - has made a lovely home for herself but she feels the estate has become dilapidated and is no longer a nice place to live.

Like hundreds of other people she faced stern competition to buy a house in the estate in 2005.

'There were only two houses left and I got one. I was delighted but now I'd gladly leave in the morning if I could. There were plans for a supermarket and shops but nothing came to fruition. I feel desperate now as anything and everything that could go wrong with the house has.'

She points to cracks in the walls and a leak to the rear of the house.

Describing the estate as 'a mess', she said there have been numerous burglaries in the estate, along with some violent incidents (including the horrific attack on Nicole Dwyer, 20), and drinking in the green area.

'My neighbour was broken into; they watched and waited for her to leave before going in and robbing the house.'

She lamented a lack of community spirit in the estate, alluding to the short term leases residents take up.

'I just feel completely cut off up here. I'd be out of here in the morning if I could. I feel lonely and disappointed. The front of the estate is disgusting.'

Her neighbour, whose house was burgled in October, said the estate looks very run down and needs to be finished.

'I'm living here eight years. It's very run down. The building site is falling down and the estate has lots of empty houses in it. There's nothing here; we had a chipper and that closed. We thought we were safe in this part of the estate and then our house was broken into and my husband's ring was stolen, along with some cash. It had an awful effect on my children.'

Joanna Ferlas, who rents a house in the estate, said the lack of a playground is a major issue.

'There is nothing at all for the children. There's no pub or takeaway for the adults. We have to get into the car to go anywhere.'

Her partner Matt Gurdak said the lack of a playing or green area in the estate means some teenagers are causing problems for residents.

'Kids are jumping off the trees and breaking windows because there's nothing for them to do. There's lots of grass to the rear of the estate to create. It's becoming dangerous as some children are climbing onto roofs in the retail area at the front of the estate. They throw stones at the cars and hit my car so I reported it to the guards a few times.'

Mother-of-two Roxanne Connick described the buildings to the front of the estate as 'horrible'.

She said a playground is needed for all the children in the estate.

Mother-of-three Ilza Bedrite said littering is another issue in Clonard Village, adding that some youths are causing trouble for landowners behind the estate through their anti social behaviour.

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