Friday 20 September 2019

IBAL put Wexford in the litter league top five

By David Medcalf

Councillors drew great cheer from the latest IBAL (Irish business against litter) report on Wexford town.

The compilers of the report placed the town fifth in the national league, which is the best rating achieved since they started keeping score.

Special praise was handed down to the Omniplex cinema complex for tidying up its previously littered act.

And the adjudicators reckoned that Main Street has progressed a long way over the years, going a step beyond the norms which are the basic target.

The verdict on South Main Street was that it is strikingly clean while North Main Street was found to be in very good order too.

The report also found much to admire at the castle in Ferrycarrig, the approach road into town from Rosslare and the train station at Redmond Square.

The adjudicator was impressed by the recycling centre beside the main bridge where the bins were found to be 'clean and fresh'.

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