Thursday 23 November 2017

I'm a peace commissioner too says Reck

By David tucker

former local councillor Padge Reck said he wanted to correct the impression that CBS teacher and former Mayor of Wexford Joe Ryan was the only peace commissioner in Mulgannon.

Joe was recently quoted as saying that he felt there was a need for a peace commissioner in the area, given that the divisional HQ of Wexford Gardaí is going to be in Mulgannon.

'I live within eyesight of it. It will mean a significant increase in the garda service in Wexford,' said Joe, 'the Cromwellsfort and Mulgannon area is a large area and it is growing.

But former councillor Padge Reck, who lives in Mulgannon, said he was a peace commissioner of long-standing and he wanted to remind Joe of that fact.

'I have been a peace commissioner for the past 30 years,' he said.

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