Thursday 22 August 2019

I'm angry. Nobody sticks up for widows

'NOBODY sticks up for widows. No one. You'll hear people talking about lone parents and the unemployed but widows under 66 years of age aren't mentioned,' said an irate Breda Fowler.

Breda, a widow for the past 18 years, is fuming after Wednesday budget. She's not annoyed. She's hopping mad.

'I'm so disillusioned. I'm so mad,' said the Liam Mellows Park, Wexford, woman, who previously worked full time in Wexford Electronix, which closed in 2002.

'Widows under the age of 66 are not entitled to anything. They are completely ignored,' she said.

Now Breda, along with having her social welfare slashed by €8, will also be brought into a tax net because a part-time, 12-hours-a-week job she holds will now push her out of tax-free status.

'I'm a widow and I'm not entitled to anything. I am getting €201.03 per week, and that's about to go down to €193. They took another eight euro off me last year,' she said.

That €8 is the difference between buying a bag of coal or not, she said.

' The only way to stop this is for everyone to take to the street. We have power in our feet, and I'm a great believer in what the French do,' she said, adding that she recently turned out in the snow in Dublin to march against the IMF intervention and the four-year plan.

' That is what my parents would want me to do; to stand up and be counted,' she said.

She added that when the Government comes looking for water rates from her she will refuse to pay.

'When those letters come it will be "return to sender".' Saying that she's sick to the teeth of 'stealth taxes', Breda says she's paying 'no more'. 'I don't care if they lock me up. They are going to have to let me out in the end,' she said.

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