Wednesday 23 October 2019

Independent candidate Emmet Moloney promises he's 'in it to win it'

Emmet Moloney recently announced his candidacy.
Emmet Moloney recently announced his candidacy.


Selskar native Emmet Moloney recently announced that he is to stand as an Independent candidate in the General Election.

The 29-year old Eishtec manager said that approachability and accessibility are the two main things that he will offer if he is elected.

'I believe that TDs need to be more accessible. The current set of TDs are not in touch with the real people. I would make sure that Wexford is my main base and would be out there speaking and meeting with members of the public.'

Moloney expressed his concerns over the lack of mental health services in the county and said that if elected, he will continuously campaign on behalf of mental health issues. He said that the lack of resources was 'dreadful' considering the size of the county and high suicide rate.

'Addressing the lack of mental health services is a massive part of my campaign. This issue was highlighted during The People's Debate with Vincent Browne as people got up to tell their own personal stories,' he said. 'The amalgamation of services between Waterford and Wexford hospitals has not worked. I have personally visited some of people in the hospital and I don't think it does them any good to be away from home.'

Tackling crime is Moloney's other primary objective. He said that tackling crime is a 'frontline service' that should be protected by the Constitution regardless of the economy.

'I have been told that since Garda Stations closed down, there has been less crime. I don't believe this. I have spoken with members of the public and people just aren't reporting incidents to the Gardaí anymore.'

Accelerating numbers in the Garda force to at least 16,000 and maintaining it with continuous recruitment and training is key according to Moloney. He also highlighted the importance of community policing.

'Community policing gives people more confidence in the guards and helps to reduce crime.'

Through meeting with members of the public, Moloney said he was struck by their concerns regarding the abolition of town councils. Should he be elected, he plans to push for their restoration.

'People are telling me that this led to a weakening of local democracy. Even our own Minister Howlin has stated that it was a deep regret of his.'

When asked whether he expects a positive outcome in the election, Moloney said he is getting a good response from the public so far.

'I have been getting a massive amount of support from people in Wexford and across Ireland,' he said. 'I am going to get out there and meet the people. I want to try to target the normal guys in the private sector that find it hard to pay their bills. They're who I want to represent.'

'I don't see myself to be an agitator. I would rather see myself working with the Government as there's no point in having a lot of noise and no influence,' he added. 'The main thing is, I am in it to win it.'

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