Thursday 23 November 2017

Independents stake claim for second seat

Deputy Mick Wallace
Deputy Mick Wallace
Caroline Foxe
Emmet Moloney
Cllr Ger Carthy

WITH every week a new Independent candidate seems to be emerging in the county to stake their claim for a second Independent seat after Mick Wallace, who is deemed a shoe-in.

With Ger Carthy, Caroline Foxe, Emmet Moloney and Paul O'Hanlon all in the ring the question remains will any of the South Wexford candidates manage to capitalise on the potential for a third seat in the area, or will party politics confine them to also-rans.

With numerous candidates from emerging parties, along with Green Party candidates and newbie candidates like Julie Hogan and Aoife Byrne, the question remains can these newcomers muster enough support in a short space of time to convince voters, particulalry young voters, to opt for them.

Deputy Wallace topped the poll with 13,329 votes in 2011 astounding everyone.

He got votes in places like Kilanerin in North Wexford, ultimately depriving Michael D'Arcy of a seat with his haul from the north of the county. Even if he were to lose half his vote he would still be elected in the upcoming election, and many believe he will top the poll again, despite not having a constituency office in the county.

The remaining Independent candidates are hoping that some of that maverick Mick Wallace Independent magic might rub off on them. Cllr Carthy is regarded as being in with a shout for the fifth seat. He has profile as Wexford's Mayor. He has pedigree as his father Leo was a county councillor for 49 years and he has financial backers and a lot of ambition.

Many believe that Caroline Foxe, a postmistress from Foulksmills, will do well because there is nobody else from the area running, (apart from Deputy Wallace).

It remains to be seen how much support Mr Moloney and Mr O'Hanlon will have, but the race for the fifth seat and the election in general will be all the more interesting for their participating.

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