Sunday 18 March 2018

Individual house builders owe the majority of unpaid levies

MOST of the unpaid planning development levies due to Wexford County Council are owing by people who built individual homes, councillors have been told.

Cllr.Malcolm Byrne asked for an estimate of the outstanding amount due and was informed by Director of Services, Eamonn that most of the unpaid levies relate to individual houses.

'A lot of people are finding it extraordinarily difficult. We are trying to meet them by arranging payment over a number of years'.

' Unless we go heavyhanded on people we are not going to recover the development levies due to us immediately. They're going to come in dribs and drabs', he said.

' The vast majority of levies outstanding relate to individual houses', he re-iterated.

' We are getting an awful lot of representations from councillors in relation to them. It's a sensitive issue. It's hard times for many people at the moment'.

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