Sunday 20 October 2019

Injured Fr. David hopes to soon return to parish duties

CARROREIGH CURATE, Fr. David Murphy hopes to be back to full-time parish duties in April, two months after the horse riding accident that left him on crutches.

Fr. David, an avid horseman and equine enthusiast, sustained a serious injury on February 11 when he fell off his mount in Piercestown an smashed his leg in two places.

Since then the popular curate, who looks after Carroreigh and Trinity, has had to call on Taghmon PP, Fr. Gorman and two retired colleagues, Fr. Jim Curtis and Fr. Jimmy Ryan to help keep the show on the road.

'I have two men filling in for me, and of course Fr. Gorman is helping me,' he said this week, adding that he expects to be 'fully up to speed for the Easter ceremonies'.

His injury may have prevented Fr. David from saying Mass, but he is still in the thick of things organising the Tops of the Parish in Taghmon.

'I'm still able to organise that. I do a lot of delegating and I've a lot of helpers,' he said.

He added that the parishioners have rallied since his accident help him daily.

'People ring me up to see if I need a lift anywhere or anything. I've more drivers than a politician,' he smiled.

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